ubfriends 10th Anniversary Edition

For those affected by undue religious influence

archived articles and discussions:

ubfriends 1.0 - 2010 to 2015

ubfriends 2.0 - 2015 to 2018

ubfriends 3.0 - 2018 to 2019

Friendship rose


Cultic Groups

"Most people think such groups are things
of the past: phenomena of the 1960s and 70s.
This is far from the case; cults continue to
flourish in many different forms,capturing
and exploiting many thousands of people in
their seemingly benign embrace."

Gillie Jenkinson

Hope Valley Counselling.


Here are some helpful resources for building a new life after a high demand religious or undue influence group.

● Phase 1: leave physically and psychologically.
● Phase 2: cognitively understand.
● Phase 3: emotionally heal the trauma, loss and pre-cult vulnerabilities where relevant.
● Phase 4: recognise recovery and posttraumatic growth.

source: "Out in the World: Post-Cult Recovery" by Gillie Jenkinson

Resources for Help

For help with recovery and dealing with the University Bible Fellowship (UBF) group, the following are helpful.

Betterhelp: https://www.betterhelp.com/

Talkspace: https://www.talkspace.com/


Here is a website that gives pointers on how to detect signs of depression, suicide red flags, and how to make conversation starters of such topics: https://seizetheawkward.org/

People who have worked with ubfriends 

John Armstrong - ACT3 Network 

Steven Hassan - Freedom of Mind (especially for students, parents and friends)

Ashley Easter - The Courage Conference (especially for marriage and family issues, and students)

Bob Pardon - MeadowHaven Center (especially for couples)


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